Software Developer

I'm passionate of new technologies. I'm quick learner and I like challenges which I can put my skills on the table


Software Developer

I’m a quick learner programmer. I’ve been coding and learning new technologies since I was studying in 2012.

I also use to work with Node as I feel comfortable too. API Rest development with Node, express, MongoDB, mongoose, among others.

I’ve been working with relational database like PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, etc..

I can work as full stack with some front-end frameworks as Vue, React, Angular. No matter which framework is desired I can adapt to client requirements.

As a continuous learner I’m growing my skills on linux sys administration, deploying apps on VPS, watching errors, managing deployments with CI/CD tools, among others, deploying mail servers, etc…

I’ve been working last four years with AWS and serverless technologies: Lambda, Step Functions, S3, EC2, DynamoDB, Cognito, ApiGateway, EventBridge, SQS, SES, etc…

On my free time I use to work for blockchain projects since implementation and use of Smart Contracts to develop and deploy them.

When I began to code I was working, and I have some experience in web and desktop applications with .NET technologies: C#, MVC, Web API.

Git Repositories

You can check any of my repositories but I’m pushing currently to my self-hosted gitea instance:

Client Testimonials

"Through the process of us building Terraspaces, Urko has been an extremely diligent team player. Contributing value in ways that are essential to the growth of a project, he is sure to lead with precision every step of the way" Donovan Petteway
"Excelente desarrollador, responsable y comprometido. Ha sido gran un colaborador y miembro activo del equipo. Team player, team builder y siempre dispuesto y con una actitud de querer siempre mejorar." Álvaro Molano
"It's a pleasure working with him, who is supporting us part-time on our Node.js backend application. He is a communicative, high-quality, and adaptable worker. We will continue with him on future collaborations."

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