Hi, my name is


I build software for the benefit of the people

I’m passionate of new technologies. I’m quick learner and I like challenges which I can put my skills on the table. Take a look on my gitea which is where I’m uploading top code right now :)

About Me

I am a passionate and adaptable software developer, with a keen interest in mastering new technologies. My journey in the realm of coding began in 2012, and since then, I have been ceaselessly learning and evolving.

My primary focus is on the Go programming language. I find it an incredibly powerful tool for developing robust, scalable applications with simplicity and efficiency at its core. My expertise lies in creating microservices with Go, applying principles of SOLID and clean architecture.

In addition to Go, I have been working with Node.js since 2018 and have gained substantial experience in developing RESTful APIs using Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and more.

While I have a background in .NET technologies and have developed both web and desktop applications using C#, MVC, and Web API, I have chosen to shift my focus towards open-source technologies and Linux, aligning with my preference for transparency, community-driven development, and freedom from vendor lock-in.

As a full-stack developer, I have experience with front-end frameworks like Vue, React, and Angular, with a particular preference for Vue. However, my passion lies in backend development, where I can delve into the intricacies of system design and data management.

Over the past four years, I have gained extensive experience with AWS and serverless technologies, including Lambda, Step Functions, S3, EC2, DynamoDB, Cognito, ApiGateway, EventBridge, SQS, SES, and others. While I am proficient in cloud technologies, I advocate for and prefer self-hosting on VPS or servers, as it offers greater control and customization.

In my free time, I delve into the world of blockchain technology. From implementing and using Smart Contracts to developing and deploying them, I am deeply fascinated by this field.

As a lifelong learner, I am currently expanding my skills in Linux system administration. This includes deploying apps on VPS, monitoring errors, managing deployments with CI/CD tools, setting up mail servers, and more.

My passion for privacy, open-source, and self-hosting, coupled with my interest in learning Linux and server administration, makes me a unique asset in the tech industry. I am always ready to take on new challenges and look forward to bringing my skills and enthusiasm to exciting new projects.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:
  • Go
  • MongoDB
  • Linux
  • Bitcoin
  • WebRTC
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • React
  • Node


BTC Pay Checker
Go BTC MongoDB
BTC Pay Checker
This is a backend to manage payments from clients to suppliers, like ecommerce, or product seller.
XMPP prosody change password
Go Prosody
XMPP prosody change password
Web UI to change password from user.

Client Testimonials

Senior Software Engineer - Terraspaces
Through the process of us building Terraspaces, Urko has been an extremely diligent team player. Contributing value in ways that are essential to the growth of a project, he is sure to lead with precision every step of the way
Donovan Petteway
Senior Software Engineer - Wiserentr
Excelente desarrollador, responsable y comprometido. Ha sido gran un colaborador y miembro activo del equipo. Team player, team builder y siempre dispuesto y con una actitud de querer siempre mejorar.
Álvaro Molano
Backend Nodejs Engineer - Roadstr SL
It’s a pleasure working with him, who is supporting us part-time on our Node.js backend application. He is a communicative, high-quality, and adaptable worker. We will continue with him on future collaborations.

Get in Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!